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RESIDENTIAL VALUATIONS with Achill Island Property


Here at Achill Island Property we are often asked to carry out valuations of residential properties in the parish of Achill and the reasons can vary. Sometimes property owners want an appraisal if they are considering selling their property and on other occasions it may be for Local Property Tax (LPT) purposes, a probate valuation in the event of the death of a family member or, a valuation for transfer purposes in the event of transferring a property asset to a family member or other party.

What is involved in a valuation inspection?

Joe will contact you to arrange an appointment at a time convenient to you. On arriving to carry out the inspection, he will discuss the purpose of the valuation, what steps are involved, and run through a series of questions with regard to the property.

In the event of a sales appraisal, he will carry out a walk-through of the property to appraise its current state, identifying features and potential issues. He will then discuss the price parameters applicable to the property based on current market trends. Then if a property owner decides to proceed with a sale, he will proceed to discuss marketing the property and other relevant matters.

In other circumstances (LPT, probate and transfer valuations), Joe will take detailed information, including measurements and specifications to prepare a written report for either negotiating your rate of  LPT with the local authority or presentation to your solicitor for probate/transfer purposes.

How much does it cost?

If we are asked to carry out a sales appraisal of a property in the Achill area there is no charge. Where a written report is required we have a standard fee of €150 plus VAT, but please note this may vary depending on the size or number of properties involved. Some estates are substantial holdings with significant work involved in the preparation of a report. Joe will happily discuss the fee in advance of carrying out the inspection. 

Who do I talk to?

If you are considering having a valuation carried out and have more questions, call Joe, as owner of Achill Island Property and he would be happy to discuss the process in full detail and answer any questions you might have. Be assured that your information and details will be dealt with in a discrete, professional manner.

Achill Island Property is your property partner in Achill!