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THE SALES PROCESS with Achill Island Property


A professional Auctioneer offers peace of mind and guidance when you choose to sell your property. At Achill Island Property we offer local specialist advice with an emphasis on ensuring a positive experience for our clients.

When you contact us about the sale of your property we undertake a FREE appraisal where we outline the various steps we will undertake as part of a marketing strategy. You will be required to sign a letter of engagement with us before we commence, that sets out the rights and obligations of both parties

We will take measurements, photographs and videos to help with the production of the necessary marketing materials. At all achill island property, achill island auctioneer, property in achill, houses for sale achill, cottages for sale achill, amazinga chilltimes, we are available to discuss progress and amend the plan as required.

You will require a solicitor to handle the legal side of matters i.e. the conveyancing. If you wish we would be happy to recommend a solicitor to handle this aspect of the process.

We utilise technology and all available means to market your property and find a buyer for you with an emphasis on value for money options resulting in achieving the optimum price and quickest possible sale for you.

Achill Island Property will attend all viewings and are available seven days a week to do so, whether it be daytime or evening. Offers will be submitted via us to you and we will negotiate with prospective purchasers on your behalf.

On agreeing a sale, any extras as part of the sale will be agreed, contracts will be drafted  and a date agreed for completion. At all stages, Achill Island Property will be there to advise and support you.

A property survey will be undertaken on behalf of the purchaser and the solicitors will carry out all relevant searches. If a mortgage is involved, the lender will complete a survey of the property to check for structural problems and valuation purposes. The lender then sends an offer letter to the purchasers solicitor and once all conditions are satisfied, they will transfer the money.

Contracts would now be exchanged, being signed by both parties. A contract deposit is paid, the completion date is confirmed and the balance of the purchase price is paid on that date. At this point, your property is SOLD!

Achill Island Property is available at all stages of the process to help, advise and offer peace of mind.

Achill Island Property is your property partner in Achill!