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Achill Island - The Broadband Saga


The trials and tribulations of a dial up internet connection are an alien concept to the youth of today. When I started working for myself in Achill in 2000 I remember fondly the dread of receiving any email with an attachment larger than 1MB. Such an event would allow me go for a stroll, get a cup of tea, read the paper, contemplate life and come back an hour later to still find it downloading.

Down this end of Achill eircom have not and will not enable the local exchange. I can understand it from a commercial perspective but it kind of annoys me from a local point of view and this has led me over the years to try every provider available from the exotic to the beloved mobile dongles, with no particular joy as a business owner trying to make a living in Achill dependant on electronic communications.

Then it happened, Westnet arrived! I cannot remember the date or what I had for breakfast that morning or what I was wearing on the occasion, but this Mayo based company provided the all essential digital link for the wider business community in Achill.

Being practical about it, we will never get fibre optic broadband on the island as we do not have the population to justify it commercially, but other options such as Westnet do allow businesses in Achill to thrive and flourish.

Anyone in business here knows the struggles we in Achill face as an island community, but we also know the many benefits we enjoy on a personal level as opposed to being in an urban setting and this is why Achill Community Futures are striving to develop Achill as a remote working location.

I understand that the outlook is bright in this regard and the potential for the community as a whole is fantastic. We all know that jobs benefit the economy and steady jobs will lead to families settling, that benefit the community as a whole.

This is where we can help. Everyone needs a roof over their head and this can lead to questions a plenty, whether it be about the buying or mortgage process. Achill Island Property is built on a premise of a professional service provider providing you with the necessary tools to take the first step on the Achill property ladder.

Achill Island Property is your property partner in Achill! Contact Joe today with any questions you might have.

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