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THE BUYING PROCESS with Achill Island Property

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The first thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to buying a house. This is probably the largest financial transaction you are likely to undertake and it is best not to regret that unasked, unanswered question.

The first step is to register your interest with Achill Island Property as to what your various property criteria are, in order to help us search for suitable properties for you. We will advise you of any current properties available and let you know when suitable properties become available.

We will arrange viewing appointments at times convenient to you.

When you find a property you are in interested in and submit an offer to us, we will convey it to the vendor and advise you of their response. All offers are made subject to contract, meaning that no legally binding contract exists until the contract has been signed by both parties.

You will need a solicitor to act on your behalf for the conveyancing stage and we would be happy to recommend a solicitor if you wish.

Once you have an offer accepted, you will need to tell your solicitor and they will liaise with the vendors solicitor. It is advisable to agree on dates for the exchange of contract and the formal completion date as early as possible in the process. Where a mortgage is involved, you would contact your lender at this point

It is a good idea to seek approval in principle for a mortgage in advance of searching for a property. This will let you know the maximum potential budget available to you as well as helping to speed up the process when you find the right property. You would essentially be the equivalent of a cash buyer, subject to your lender being satisfied with the final property. This can help alleviate any stress and delays.

You would be best advised to have an architect/engineer carry out a survey of the property at this point and the solicitors will carry out all relevant searches on both sides. Your lender will also request a valuation at this point, for security purposes

The vendors solicitor will draft the contract and forward it to your solicitor, who at this point will approve same, provided any queries and issues are resolved satisfactorily.

If applicable, a lender will send a Mortgage offer to your solicitor, which you will need to sign and once this is done, funds will be available to buy the property. Contracts will now be exchanged, signed by both parties and a contract deposit is paid. The completion date will be set and the remaining monies paid on that date at which point you will be a home owner!

Achill Island Property is available at all stages of the process to help, advise and offer peace of mind.

Achill Island Property is your property partner in Achill!